We know that research supports the fact that infant feeding support products – lovingly called nursing pillows by moms, caregivers, and healthcare representatives – are safe and immensely beneficial when used as directed: for supervised awake time only. Yet somehow, they are still under threat despite the unintended consequences of limiting their availability.

There are many studies that show the use of infant feeding support products increases breastfeeding rates, which in turn correlates with a positive trend in health data and milestone achievement. The best solution combines a product safety standard with continued consumer education about infant safety and development.

The CSPC must not only allow, but fully support and engage in the ASTM process to establish a safety standard for infant feeding support products before taking regulatory action.

The standard currently being developed by a special committee of the ASTM is intended to ensure that products in the nursing pillow category are safe when used as intended.

Many of our members are involved in this process to ensure that the ASTM committee develops a standard that is backed by data and rooted in science. The Alliance calls on the CPSC to support the development of a voluntary standard for infant feeding support products by providing relevant data and research in a timely fashion.

In the meantime, consumer education and engagement are essential.

The Alliance welcomes conversations with the CPSC to collaborate on safety and education initiatives for parents and caregivers. We welcome the CPSC’s leadership to help increase awareness around critical guidelines, including those listed below. Ignoring them can have irreversible consequences.

We ask parents and caregivers always:

  • Read all instructions to ensure safe product use.
  • Use infant products ONLY for supervised awake time.
  • NEVER use nursing pillows or any other infant feeding support product for sleep.

  • Follow safety guidance offered in the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Safe Sleep Guidelines and the CPSC’s Bare is Best campaign.
  • Ask every caregiver you know to do the same.

Get Involved

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