There are many studies that show the use of infant feeding support products increases breastfeeding rates, which in turn correlates with a positive trend in health data and milestone achievement. The best solution combines a product safety standard with continued consumer education about infant safety and development. 

A study published in Pediatric Reports further found that “the use of a breastfeeding pillow significantly decreases maternal discomfort experienced during the breastfeeding process. Maternal comfort is expected to enhance the quality of breastfeeding by improving the position and attachment of the mother-baby during the breastfeeding process, increasing the baby’s sucking ability and the period of baby’s breastfeeding to ensure optimal nutrition or improve the baby’s suckling needs. A comfortable and relaxed condition can also suppress the release of stress hormones and increase the hormones that play a role in breast milk production. Thus, it is important to implement the use of a breastfeeding pillow among postpartum mothers.” 

Infant feeding support products, otherwise known as nursing pillows, provide ergonomic support for caregivers while nursing or bottle feeding. Many have cited nursing pillows as immensely helpful throughout the bonding process, including for moms holding their babies while recovering from a C-section, reducing pressure on the mother’s incision site. Creating comfort in these situations enhances the bonding experience for both baby and mom, dad, or caregivers. 

It is estimated Nursing supports are used 2.5 million times a day.