The CPSC on March 28, 2022 released its 2023 Performance Budget Request to Congress. That request provides insight into the agency’s proposed priorities for the upcoming fiscal year and most notably includes a line item to Expand Scope of Infant Pillow.

This line item signifies a significant threat to the entire infant pillow category, which could include loungers, nursing pillows and other breastfeeding and infant development products.

Breastfeeding and infant support products (aka “Nursing Pillows” or “Infant Pillows”) are critical tools for parents and caregivers to help infants develop healthy feeding habits and reach critical developmental milestones.

The Breastfeeding & Infant Development Support Alliance is comprised of stakeholders committed to ensuring the safety of products used by parents and caregivers in support of breastfeeding and infant development.

The Alliance is committed to engaging with regulators and lawmakers to community the vital importance of these products. Specifically, we are calling on the CPSC to allow the ASTM process for setting a standard for breastfeeding and infant support products to finish before taking any action that would limit the availability of these important products. At the same time, we will continue to demonstrate to the CPSC the immense value that breastfeeding and infant support products play in infant development.

We encourage you to join us in preventing a ban of these important products. Sign up now.

The CPSC’s full Performance Budget Request can be viewed here: