Infant Feeding Support products – lovingly called nursing pillows by moms, caregivers, and healthcare representatives – are important tools for parents and caregivers to help infants develop healthy feeding habits.

Infant feeding support products provide ergonomic support for caregivers while nursing or bottle feeding. Many have cited nursing pillows as immensely helpful throughout the bonding process, including for moms holding their babies while recovering from a C-section, reducing pressure on the mother’s incision site.

Creating comfort in these situations enhances the bonding experience for both baby and mom, dad, or caregiver.

Consider this.

Infant feeding support products – also commonly referred to as nursing pillows – are proven to increase breastfeeding rates. Breastfeeding helps reduce the incidence of SIDS. Without infant feeding support products designed specifically to support infants, fewer moms may breastfeed infants. Even more concerning, breastfeeding mothers and caregivers are likely to turn to more dangerous options such as traditional pillows and blankets for support at they feed their babies.

Studies and data show the use of infant feeding support products, lovingly called nursing pillows, increases breastfeeding rates, which in turn correlates with a positive trend in health data and milestone achievement.

For example, we know that breastfeeding correlates with positive health outcomes for children. CDC data shows that breastfeeding helps reduce risks of:

  • Asthma and severe lower respiratory disease;
  • Obesity;
  • Type 1 diabetes;
  • Ear infections;
  • GI infections; and
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally – and keeping up with it isn’t easy.

This is another reason why infant feeding support products are so important. A study published in Pediatric Reports found nursing pillows are providing important support for mothers trying to breastfeed:

“The use of a breastfeeding pillow significantly decreases maternal discomfort experienced during the breastfeeding process. Maternal comfort is expected to enhance the quality of breastfeeding by improving the position and attachment of the mother-baby during the breastfeeding process, increasing the baby’s sucking ability and the period of baby’s breastfeeding to ensure optimal nutrition or improve the baby’s suckling needs. A comfortable and relaxed condition can also suppress the release of stress hormones and increase the hormones that play a role in breast milk production. Thus, it is important to implement the use of a breastfeeding pillow among postpartum mothers.”

There are many others with similar findings, which have led many leading authoritative organizations to cite pillows are a useful tool to support breastfeeding mothers. Among them are the American Academy of PediatricsLa Leche League and U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program.

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The Alliance calls on the CPSC to recognize the value of infant feeding support products. We invite the CPSC to work with members of the Alliance and other recognized stakeholder organizations to promote breastfeeding and support infant development through the safe use of these important products.

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