The Breastfeeding and Infant Development Support Alliance (BFIDSA) today submitted draft testimony to be delivered during the CPSC’s upcoming Public Hearing on FY 2023-2024 Agenda and Priorities on April 27, 2022. During the testimony, we will share data demonstrating the value of Breastfeeding and Infant Support products, including “nursing pillows,” and the critical role they play supporting breastfeeding and infant development.

The Alliance will also call on the CPSC to continue to support the ASTM process for developing a voluntary standard for breastfeeding and infant support products. This standard-setting process, which is rooted in available data and research, will ensure the safety of current and future products will ensuring parents and caregivers have continued access to products with a proven track record in increasing breastfeeding success rates, leading to many other positive health outcomes.

On a parallel track, we invite the CPSC to work with members of the Alliance and other recognized stakeholder organizations to promote breastfeeding and support infant development through the safe use of products.

Contact us to learn more about our efforts to engage CPSC and ensure the continued availability of nursing pillows for future generations of moms and caregivers.